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The Shenley Walks ~ Milton Keynes

Walking for Health is now Ramblers Wellbeing Walks

Itís almost impossible not to feel good when weíre walking outdoors Ė itís a natural mood-booster! And the great news is we donít need to walk far or fast to feel its effects on our health and wellbeing. Simply getting out is a tonic for our minds and bodies, and it can be sociable too.

Our walks in Milton Keynes have restarted but Covid-19 cases are still with us and rising. We are really happy that many of our walkers have returned after the lockdowns but we are short of leaders in the Medium and Short groups.
Here are some Covid-19 rules

  • Please wear a mask to register (Optional). After that a mask is not necessary

  • We will divide you into smaller groups of no more than 20

  • Please keep socially distanced from each other and from other walkers you may meet.

  • Bring your own water and sanitiser if required.

We will have the walks spread out in the car park. Registration is done in these groups by one walk leader signing your name. No one else handles the pen or the register. I hope these precautions will make you confident to rejoin us.
We look forward to seeing you again


Walking can...

  • Make you feel good
  • Give you more energy
  • Reduce stress and help you sleep better
  • Keep your heart 'strong'
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Help you to manage your weight

Why is walking the perfect activity for health?

  • Almost everyone can do it
  • You can do it anywhere and any time
  • It's a chance to make new friends
  • It's free and you don't need special equipment
  • You can start slowly and build up gently

    (information provided by www.wfh.naturalengland.org.uk)


Milton Keynes has many
opportunities for adult fitness

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All walks taken at walker's own risk
Shenley Walks are part of a National Scheme called now called Ramblers Wellbeing Walks.
The walks were started by Dr William Bird MBE over 20 years ago in Sonning Common, Oxfordshire and is supported by The Department of Health, and The Ramblers who provide some funding for training and third party insurance for leaders. There are walks all over the country. Click here to find walks in any part of the UK.

Shenley Walks was started in 2005 by Sue Hadfield and Hayley Hilmy. They did the leaders training in Bedford because one didn't exist in Milton Keynes. They were the first Walking for Health walk in Milton Keynes and set it up on their own. Sue decided it should be based in Shenley Church End because that is where she lived at the time and she already knew a lot of the walks around the Shenley and Loughton area. Tuesday morning was convenient for them both. The first walk was advertised on February 22nd 2005 and five people turned up. By the end of that year there were 50 people walking regularly and new leaders were trained. They soon realised they had to split the walk up to manage the numbers and once there were enough leaders, they started a Short, Medium and a Long Walk. With new leaders joining in 2011 we added a 4th, Fast walk. Now we regularly have an average of 100 walkers every week.

We are a roaming walk, meaning we walk from a different place in Milton Keynes every week. Refer to our current  for details of meeting places.  Schedule August September 2022

We meet at 10am to start walking at 10.15.  We require everyone to register on every walk and to complete a Health Questionnaire on their first walk. If you would like to complete the questionnaire at home in advance please click here to download a copy.

A copy of the Walker Health Survey may be downloaded here.

We always organise a meeting place at the end of the walks where we can socialise and have a coffee or tea. We try to use local churches. wherever possible.

No special footwear is needed, but comfortable flat closed-in shoes are recommended.
          Contact Shenley Walks

Walk Leaders may download a register, risk assessment , sample risk assessment and an accident form.
Word versions risk assessment and accident form
Walking Works: new report reveals how walking can save lives This new report demonstrates that walking is the solution to getting the nation active, and shows how Englandís largest network of health walk schemes, Walking for Health, is already changing peopleís lives.

The 4 walks are
SHORT 35 minutes   At a slowish pace, suitable for those suffering from arthritis or those unable to walk far
MEDIUM 50 minutes   A medium pace suitable for most walkers
LONG 1 hour   Slightly faster pace, suitable for very regular walkers
FAST 1 hour   Only suitable for those who can keep up a sustained fast pace

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