Shenley Wood
Waterhall Park
Willen Lake
Woughton on Green
Oakhill Woods
Wolverton Canal
Grand Union
Peartree Bridge
Howe Park Wood
Stony Stratford

Shenley Walks




Walks currently begin each Tuesday morning at 10.00. 

Walks start from the following locations.
There are also lifts each week from the Toby Inn, Shenley Church End at 09.45.

Caldecotte Inn Furzton Brook
Great Linford ~ Black Horse Inn Howe Park
Loughton Lodge Museum North Loughton Valley
Oakhill Woods Medbourne Pavilion Shenley Toby Inn
Stony Stratford Football club Tattenhoe Pavilion
Waterhall Willen
Woolstone Woughton
All our walks 

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